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Specialty Tree Care Of Texas LLC’s arborists specialize in helping you enhance the appearance of your landscape with expert tree services of all kinds. We’ll increase your property’s value by allowing for a well-maintained outdoor living space that’ll impress all the neighbors.

Our team creates appealing landscapes by planting new trees and maintaining the look of existing ones. Plus, we offer affordable rates guaranteed to suit your budget. We take care of all the details so that you can focus on the things that matter.

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What Does a Tree Service Company Do?

A tree service company offers care and maintenance solutions for trees of all types and sizes. From routine trimming and pruning to emergency removals, these experts specialize in enhancing the health, safety, and aesthetic appeal of trees in various environments. With skilled arborists at their helm, tree service companies assess trees’ condition, diagnose diseases and pest infestations, and provide tailored treatment plans for optimal growth and vitality.

Certified tree contractors offer services like stump grinding, tree planting, and transplanting, catering to the diverse needs of homeowners, businesses, and municipalities.

Specialty Tree Care Of Texas LLC’s Top-Notch Tree Care Services

Enhance your yard by taking advantage of our full range of tree services. Our professional arborist services include:

  • Landscape consultation
  • Tree planting
  • Tree trimming
  • Tree removal
  • Soil fertilization
  • Lightning protection
  • Stump grinding
  • Mulching
  • And much more!

Getting Started with Professional Tree Services

Planting new trees can be a large-scale and time-consuming project. That’s why our team of expert tree planters take care of every step of the planting process, from selection to soil care. We make sure all your new trees will have a great space to grow by making sure your soil is well-fertilized and prepared to house fresh, new greenery.

Want apple or pear trees in your backyard or lush shrubs for your front garden? We’ll help you choose the best plants and trees to suit your landscape and budget. Trust the experts at Specialty Tree Care Of Texas LLC to take care of all aspects of tree planting so that you can enjoy your space for years to come.

Precise Tree Pruning Services

Regular pruning and trimming help your trees thrive. Keep your trees healthy and prevent them from causing damage to your land by taking advantage of our expert tree pruning services. We remove all dead and broken branches that have been damaged by erosion or harsh weather. Then, our arborists can shape and maintain your tree’s aesthetic appearance and keep your property looking its best.

Count on our arborists to make sure your trees stay healthy.

When Is the Best Time to Prune Trees?

The optimal time to prune trees can vary depending on climate factors, tree species, and specific pruning goals. However, some general guidelines apply to most situations.

For most deciduous trees, the best time to prune is during the dormant season, typically in late winter or early spring, before new growth emerges. Pruning during this time minimizes stress on your tree and allows it to focus its energy on healing the pruning wounds. It also makes it easier to see your tree’s structure and identify branches that need removal.

Evergreen trees can be pruned year-round, though late winter to early spring is still considered ideal. Pruning during the growing season should be done cautiously since it can be more stressful for your tree.

For trees that flower in the spring, it’s best to prune them after they’ve finished blooming to avoid removing flower buds. Summer pruning may also be necessary for certain species to address storm damage or maintain a desired shape.

Regardless of the time of year, proper pruning techniques and tools are crucial to protect the health and safety of your tree.

How Long Does It Take a Tree to Recover After Pruning?

While the healing process for pruning wounds on trees begins within minutes after the cut is made, it can take years for a tree to recover fully. The plant establishes a chemical barrier to prevent infection and kickstart its healing process as soon as an initial cut is made. Within 48 hours, this barrier, called wound wood, is complete.

Over time, the tree’s growth layer—known as cambium—rolls over the cut, fully sealing the wounded area and completing the tree’s healing process.

Overall recovery time varies significantly depending on factors like:

  • Size of pruning cuts
  • Time of year when pruning is performed
  • Tree species
  • Trees’ initial health and vigor

Diseased and Dying Tree Removal

Do your existing trees need to be removed to make space for new greenery? Our arborists have you covered with expert tree removal services guaranteed to keep your land and soil healthy. We clear all loose branches and break them down to use as firewood and mulch.

Whether you need to remove small shrubs or full tree trunks to make space for something new, call our team of arborists today. We have all the necessary equipment and expertise to effectively remove any trees from your property.

How Will You Know When Tree Removal Service Is Necessary?

Look for the following signs that let you know when tree removal services might be necessary:

  • Tree hazards, including damage, disease, or fall risks
  • Trees in poor locations, including close to buildings and power lines
  • Trees interfering with construction or development
  • Trees that attract unwanted wildlife or pests
  • Trees with invasive root systems
  • Trees that look overcrowded, messy, or are problematic

What Are Your Tree Service Options for Storm-Damaged Trees?

When your trees have suffered damage from a storm, you have several options to consider. The best approach will depend on the extent and nature of your tree’s damage. Pruning and removing broken, hanging, or otherwise hazardous branches is crucial.

Arborists have the specialized equipment and expertise to clean up storm debris without putting ourselves or your property at risk. Complete removal may be the safest solution for severely damaged trees that pose a safety threat. An arborist will assess your tree and help you determine if it’s beyond saving.

When your goal is to preserve a damaged but salvageable tree, arborists provide specialized care. This may include techniques like cabling and bracing to support unstable trunk, limb, and branch structures. They also administer treatments to help your tree heal from wounds and address any pest or disease issues.

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